Note we added a new date for our Level 1 Cocktail Workshop on September 14th! Also, there are still open slots for 9/13. Sign up before all the open slots are gone! Sign up below by clicking on the Level 1 Cocktail Workshop.



If you are interested in a hosting a private event, or would like to reserve space at Norseman for your large party, photoshoot, or wedding reception we invite you to fill out the form below to further inquire about availability and pricing details. You may also contact our events coordinator via email: events@norsemandistillery.com 

It should be noted that large parties who turn up at the distillery without advance notice or rental are not guaranteed service as we need time to ensure we are properly staffed and stocked for your arrival. As a rule, we are a first come first served style establishment. We strive to deliver a quality experience for all of our guests, so we kindly ask that groups over 10 people reach out to us in advance even if you are not interested in reserving a specific area of the Distillery. Please email: debbie@norsemandistillery.com to connect with our team and give a heads up for your large party. Please be advised that groups over 10 may be subject to one check.

Complete the form below to make arrangements for your large party and we will do our very best to make it a special unforgettable experience!

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