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Norseman proudly presents the work of our newest featured artist: Ernesto Ruiz

"Slowly: A Deliberate Approach to Making Images" by: Ernesto Ruiz

Images that demonstrate a slow approach to experiencing and photographing nature, focusing on meaningful experiences and connections. 


Artist’s Statement

 I practice and promote a slow and engaged approach to photography, one that focuses on the quality of the photographic experience in a way that enhances the end result. I believe that slowing down to truly appreciate something, and carefully consider how it is best captured, can greatly enhance the effectiveness of the image to transport a viewer into the scene. 

My work, both individual and collaborative (with the launching of the Slow Photography Movement) presents a counter point to the beautiful yet often superficial quick-hit images that saturate social media, and the associated and increasingly prevalent bucket-list approach to experiencing places. My images invite the viewer to pause, to see beyond their simple beauty, to place themselves in them, and feel drawn to learn more. My goal is to show the subject in a different light, revealing details, layers, or lighting conditions not easily observed in passing. Hence, I see them as a vehicle for making meaningful connections, and starting dialogues. 


I focus on quality and not volume, and consider myself lucky if I bring back one good image from a photographic outing. Many times after I compose a shot, I leave the camera in place for an hour or two as I wait to capture the 'right' light.My digital editing process is appropriately slow and detail oriented, consisting primarily of manual dodging and burning, and color toning. I do not use 'quick solution' editing packages or presets, as I often consider the results heavy handed and unnatural. 


As you look at my collection, I invite you to also slow down, to allow yourself to step into the images, observe the layers, the tones and the details, and create your own experience. 




Ernesto Ruiz is a Minnesota-based landscape photographer. He lives in the St. Paul with his wife, where he also practices architecture and enjoys boating, dancing, camping, and as much travel as possible. His interest in photography was born in 1994 when he bought an EOS Rebel S for a student trip to Europe. Twenty years later he bought his first full frame DSLR and recommitted himself to pursue his passion. He recently launched the Slow Photography Movement, a collaborative effort that focuses on the quality of the photographic experience, and on creating meaningful connections to place.  


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