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Jodi Bee Gallery Opening

Come meet the artist from 5-8pm on Monday, 11/22 for the opening of her new gallery of collages! Excerpt from Jodi Bee's Artist Statement:

My aesthetic is "more is, almost always, more", decoratively embellished, meticulously arranged to create harmony, balance, and a feeling of wholeness. The unique qualities of my collage, in contrast to other contemporary artists creating in the medium, lay in part within the nature of their being quite large in scale, featuring many layers of complexity.  This complexity is present within the symbolic language utilized, as well as in the physical qualities of the artwork. The collections within each work are bound to the wunderkammer, which is defined as a “Chamber of marvels,” and has a history that is both highly interesting and incredibly vast. Popular in the Renaissance, with a brief revival in Victorian England, The wunderkammer applied supreme unifying principles, the collector would contain categorized multiples in cabinets of curiosity. The choices of what specimens to acquire, and how to display them, reflected the interests and personality, unique to each collection, due to the nature of its collector. This, of course, was open to the individual interpretation of the viewer of each collection.
This current series, began in 2017, starting with the works referencing witches, hands, skeletons, and gemstones. It was undertaken by applying common methods of organization of like objects or themes, and in the drawing of analogy as found within these collections. In constructing a composition that emphasizes symmetry, aesthetically conceived pattern, comparison, and contrast, I use in my own two-dimensional wunderkammers within each individual I construct. In following these perimeters, I echo the manner of visual execution made by collectors past.
Later Event: December 4
Norseman Art Show