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Ben DeCamp's Mazel menu take-over - 1 night only

Don't miss Ben DeCamp's menu take-over at Norseman Distillery for one night only on 09/20/2017! Ben's inspiration comes from memories of food his family made him as a child, "I remember being little and my grandfather making me Matzo Brei every morning when I visited him; he would make me break the matzo and told me my great grandfather made him do the same thing. Or my grandmother making latkes with my mom around Hanukkah and the whole house smelling like fried potatoes and apples. The Mamaliga my mom makes which always tastes way better than mine even though I've made it hundreds of times myself. I always thought I had grown up without much of a food history, but as I started cooking I saw the roots it had in my family. The ties it had to my grandfather's childhood growing up in New York during the depression. The cultural history of my grandmother being the daughter of Romanian and Lithuanian immigrants. The attachment to the old country that always remain in the food we eat and love.

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Motosota, A Farewell to Summer Motorcycle Tradeshow

Motosota, A Farewell to Summer Motorcycle Tradeshow

Summer ’17 is at an end… But the riding season isn’t over yet! Join us as we bid Summer 17 it’s final adieu. 
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Live music by: Island Time & The Revenge Wedding & The Sex Kings

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Apparel by Iron and Ink

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